Soil Server

We would like to introduce you all to the Soil Server. The Soil Server is a Javascript and Node Js run microcontroller that will water your plants for you. We have used the Tessel 2 microcontroller, a soil moisture sensor and a BME280 Atmosperic Sensor to monitor and care for your plants. By signing into this site, you will have access to your Tessel 2 controls, the graphs and data for your personal plants and a dashboard where you can find and save the care instructions for your favorite plants.



List of parts used:

Tessel 2 development board

Soil moisture sensor


Jumper Wires, LEDS, Resistors

Solid state relay

Water Pump

Atmospheric Sensor

Full set up of both sensors, relay, and Tessel 2.

Breadboard is the home to the BME280 Atmospheric Sensor. The blue LED lights up when the soil is wet and the yellow LED lights when soil is dry.

Red and Black wires run from port B on the Tessel to the relay (green connector at top right of image). A signal is sent from Tessel when the ON button is pressed on web page to toggle power to the pump.

When relay power is turned on the pump inside the mason jar is turned on and water is pumped through the hose and to the flowers.

Data is collected from both the soil moisture sensor and the atmospheric sensor and console logged for future use.

Video Demonstration

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